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My Practice

We will work together in conversation both listening to verbal expression, and noticing and responding to bodily sensation. During our sessions my coaching and strong intuition generate powerful questions that tap into your own wisdom and strengthen your ability to reveal and resolve your unique desires, challenges and decisions in life.

For over fifteen years I have studied and practiced CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and many of my clients choose to combine coaching with this form of hands-on body work. CranioSacral Therapy is a 'hands-on' bodywork modality done fully-clothed, that opens the healthy flow of the client's cerebral spinal fluid that is in all the cells in their body. This enables the body to heal itself while the client feels increased ease, well-being and presence. As it provides useful physical clues relevant to the coaching conversation, I find that clients often achieve their goals more rapidly and with greater ease when CST is combined with coaching. www.upledger.com

Generally we will work together over a period of three to six months, scheduling two or more sessions a month (by phone or in person) and working toward accomplishing your goals. Some client's will want to continue for a longer period. However, my intent is always for you to not only achieve results, but develop your ability to use the awareness and skills you have embodied during our coaching relationship.

An important element to my approach is also my ability to find creative ways to provide experiences for you to discover your own best answers.

At your discretion I might go to your residence for a session (and, in the case of business coaching, visit your workplace) to gather additional life and background information. Visiting the home or workplace often generates sparks of insight into an unfulfilled dream or possibility.

Combining Coaching, Creativity & The Body